I've often threatened to get one of those Baby On Board screens for the car window and repaint it.

I want to stick it to my driver's side window with this message:


In the Midwest, where I learned to drive, you can get a ticket for lolly-gagging along in the left lane of traffic. So I assumed everyone knew that you only use it to pass.

So the other day I'm driving along and Mr. Safety (the elderly gentleman who has decided to make everyone drive 54 mph) pulls up beside me. He is a steady-as-you-go kinda guy. Just hanging. Not really going forward or backward, just staying right beside me.

I'm a bit claustrophobic. The side of his car going 54 mph was a bit unnerving.

The car in front of me slows to turn and Mr. Safety slows with her. We all grind to snail speed.

I blurted out to no one, "Do you just want to live in the passing lane?"

In that moment, something unexpected happened.

Does this ever happen to you? God pushed into my heart and I pictured these words as I looked at Mr. Safety:
Life in the Past Lane

I said outloud, "No, I said passing lane."

There it was again, that push in on my heart only this time I saw myself in that lane....living in the past lane.

The Holy Spirit brought to my mind all the time I've wasted 'hanging out' over there in the past, not really going forward or back. Just hanging. Maybe even frustrating those around me.

Maybe Mr. Safety didn't realize he was 'just hanging' - maybe he was just lost in his thoughts.

That's what takes me there, my wondering mind. And before I know it, I'm grinding to a snail speed, not really moving forward.

My pastor spoke wisdom into my life yesterday. He said, "Prater, you pray, you research, seek godly counsel and then make decisions. Never let the rearview mirror stop you from continuing to move forward. Make the best decisions you can with the knowledge you have at the time. The key is to keep moving forward."

Want to join me? No more 'living in the past lane.'

Move over sista, we've got some lost ground to cover!